offbeat hand made lights, novel product of wood and mood,

Необычные светильники своими руками из коряг

space and driftwood and other stuff came to my hand while short and long hours of creative idleness around the 69 parallel; short review about pitching lights & lamps upon and lightning design


and innocuous exhibition drivel called now blogging

Thank you so much for stopping by.
Nothing happens by chance. If you get here it means you need it for some reason.
Imagine that due to one’s short glance on a driftwood light we have a case of short circuit, and the arc’s glow lights up the simple way of the solution seemed to be an unsolvable problem.

Home-made lamps with their unusual properties are hard to sort by any well-known lines.
That’s why they are randomly arranged here on these pages.

So, you can see ceiling and wall , table and floor lamps and stories which occurred in the reality of our lives.
Поделки из коряги. Сделай сам. Оригинальный светильник.

“Now you have more than enough creative space for arts and crafts” – the third thing that crosses their mind when they look at my woods.

In fact, we have much more opportunities to create but don’t notice it at all.

And when you have driftwoods with its cosmic abyss of inherent artistic images, the scope is multiplied many times of course.

Driftwood. Светильник оригинальный из дерева.

Before the site’s visitor fall asleep while reading this boredom he can ask why exactly this is the third thing in his mind?

The answer is simple and clear to sensible all.
Since author is used to talk with the same sensible people as he, you know that no one is going to go out of town or just do barbecue if you don’t buy any woods in store before that.

Don’t expect also to find them in the wood.

So, first thing they think about is that the person is in the mood of going there many times.

Необычные светильники, настольные и другие, оригинальные, своими руками, прикольная лампа

The second one, after the first sane idea, is that this is the saving person.
In order not to buy them, he’s done wisely as he went far and far away to get driftwoods, that is well-lit.

And when the second guess is thrown “in the milk”, there will be only the one answer which began with confusing story about sane driftwoods’ contemplators.

In fact, thoughts won’t shoot out in a split second and delve into driftwoods, if nothing special distracts your mind.

In my opinion driftwood is a perfect material for newcomers in the design who have neither any imagination nor hand-made skills.
I refer myself right to the last category of creative individuals.

Необычные светильники из дерева, из коряг своими руками

Although I’ve gone too far say that ‘ cause it’s too improbable to find an art image in a just driftwood if you haven’t any propensity to imagination.

Креативные оригинальные светильники. Driftwood creative lamps.

The unique shape of any driftwood - the aspect ratio of the individual parts, bending radius – they are too perfect with its ugliness that one thing sculptor need is nothing more than don’t mutilate natural beauty.

Sometimes I saw some remarks of skilled woodcarver that the main idea is to make as less changes as you can.
Creative light. Eco style

I do my driftwoodworking for a hobby

However driftwoods, or rather crafts, made me to start learning basics web design in order to bring all this exhibition urge to the logical end that I never felt before.

The result is what we got.

Even not all the eyes like gimlets notice any similarity between my site and driftwoods.

Художественные изделия из дерева. Оригинальные деревянные светильники

Is it an effect on the sculptor’s psyche?
The easiest way to say is just my failure to do proper site.

Actually, you don’t need any skills as the vast majority of web-designers say and I think so. The thing you need is enough money as now you can buy any site of quality you like.
Оригинальные декоративные светильники своими руками

Since I don’t want to spend money on new stuff and further servicing, I have to comprehend study and put up with ineradicable gaps which determine the traffic to the site.

I hope all are fixable. It’s only the matter of time and persistence.

Moreover, the lucky choice of web hosting, prevents me from giving this unusual and not so quickly mastered deal up.

Collage. Оригинальные лампы из коряги, необычные. Driftwood lamps.

What about wooden crafts from driftwoods I can say those that are lucky enough with becoming a lamp or even getting into the video have been bought and satisfied with fate as sometimes we get some grateful reviews.

Another ones turned interesting or quite funny and hope for the best and not want to be changed anymore.

Необычные светильники своими руками

The third driftwoods patiently waiting queue, and believe in their lucky fate.

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